Our Story

We never thought much about what we put on our skin until we became parents of a child with a severe peanut allergy and extremely sensitive skin. Like all parents in our shoes, we learned how to navigate a world where we had to be much more careful about what we ate or touched.

Fast forward more than a decade and we found ourselves struggling to find a good skincare regimen for our teenager. Most of what we tried was either ineffective or too aggressive for sensitive skin, so we decided to create something on our own.

Joieuse, inspired by the French word for joy, is the product of many months of research and product testing to get exactly the right formulations and assortment for the most pressing skin concerns. Our original cleanser, toner, and blemish control products have worked perfectly on breakout-prone skin and remain some of our personal favorites.

We’ve augmented those initial lines with an assortment that’s tailored to all skin types, skin needs, and skin concerns, from natural anti-aging formulations to mineral-based sunscreen. Equally as critical, each one of our products is sourced from plant-based natural ingredients and contains no unnatural chemicals, dyes, or artificial scents. You’ll proudly see the words “naturally derived ingredients” on every one of our packages as it reflects our commitment to products that are sourced in a manner that’s friendly to our environment and fantastic for our skin.