Collection: Cleansers

A cleanser is essential for your AM-PM skincare routine. Start your day and end your day the right way with our exclusive range of cleansers. Infused with naturally derived ingredients, our products are designed to keep your skin healthy and give it a beautiful glow. 

Soothing Milk Cleanser

Sensitive skin requires extra care, as you cannot risk making your skin too dry. Formulated especially for sensitive skin, this mild cleanser eliminates makeup residue and impurities without stripping off the skin's natural oils. It not only cleanses the skin but also moisturizes it from deep within. The key ingredients are chamomile extract, coconut extract, coconut oil, and safflower seed oil. 

Clarifying Alpha Beta Cleanser

This cleanser unclogs pores, and gives you back your natural, radiant skin. The lactic acid in this cleanser works to make the skin brighter and rejuvenated. It also includes glycolic acid to mitigate the signs of skin aging and keep your skin younger-looking. Even though it's suitable for all skin types, it works like a charm on oily skin, thanks to the presence of camphor. It's a natural astringent that brings balance to your skin. 

For best results, use the cleanser twice a day, and you'll see a visible difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Choose one that's ideal for your skin type, and put up a fight against dust, dirt, pollution, and excess oil!