Collection: Exfoliators

When it comes to removing impurities from the skin, cleansing alone won’t suffice. You need to exfoliate your skin occasionally to get rid of all the buildup, dirt, and other substances from the skin that your daily cleanser can't clear away. But the problem with scrubbers or exfoliating agents is that they are often harsh on the skin. If you want healthy skin, stay away from any kind of harsh exfoliators, and look for gentle formulations. 

At Joieuse, we have developed our very own Brilliant Exfoliating Pads made with naturally-derived ingredients that gently clean and nourish your skin in a way that other exfoliators don’t. 

Brilliant Exfoliating Pads

This product is a multifunctional one. It not only cleans out dirt and impurities but also nourishes the skin from within. The pads are loaded with the goodness of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. The combination of lactic acid, mandelic acid, and salicylic acid eliminates dead skin cells, giving your skin a refreshing glow. On days when you feel your skin is looking unusually dull, use one of these pads to instantly rejuvenate your skin. 

And if you’re prone to breakouts, there’s nothing to worry about. The pads contain willow bark extract that clears pores, reduces redness and irritation, and minimizes excess oil. This mild formulated works best for dry and sensitive skin. 

Use this exfoliator once a week, and make deep cleaning an integral part of your skincare regime.